The Network Team


Dr Sibille Schindler

Principal Chiropractor and business owner.
B.App.Sci. (Chiropractic) 1995.

Sibille has utilised Network Spinal Analysis Care since 1999, refining her skills as this work has developed with Network Care founder, Dr Donald Epstein. Since 2004 she has been regularly invited to teach in Australia.

Sibille pursued post graduate Network Care training in Australia, the US, Italy and France, achieving the highest level of certification in 2003. She established Network Life in South Melbourne in 2001.

It is rewarding to see people’s bodies heal, but my greatest excitement with this work is as I see people become more confident in themselves, take greater charge in their lives and become more open to life’s possibilities.

Dr Katja Miles

Dr Katja graduated with distinction from the Royal Institute of Technology (RMIT), with a double degree; Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic). During her 5 years study she attended numerous seminars and discovered Network Chiropractic. She knew instantly: Network was what she had been looking for many years. Katja made the commitment to improving her own health by having several Network Chiropractic sessions per week and experienced many benefits of this regular care, including improvements of chronic arthritis in the neck, hips and knees. Due to a shoulder injury, Katja suffered from severe numbness and tingling in both hands and fingers, which have all since resolved. She also manages her Osteoarthritis very successfully.

Most importantly, Katja is fascinated by the mind-body-spirit connection and how Network results in profound and lasting changes in the physical body, including chronic pain conditions, as well as our mental, emotional and spiritual being.
She continuous to be in awe with the central nervous systems ability to reorganise itself, resulting in reduced stress, tension and anxiety.

Katja has attended many Network Spinal seminars and workshop and continues to improve her Network Chiropractic skills.

Katja’s passion for holistic health and well-being originated during her teenage years, in Germany, where she was introduced to hypnosis and meditation. In her previous life Katja was a primary school teacher, a wellness coaching business owner with an emphasis on healthy eating, and a qualified meditation teacher.

“Katja brings much wisdom into the clinic and feels very blessed for the opportunity to be able to take care of you now!”

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