Network Care Talks

Tuesday 29th September 2015
7.15 – 8.15pm
Here at 114 Park Street

Cost: Free of charge

Topic: Introduction to Network Care and Demonstration

Dr. Meagan Hockin will be providing an information evening on Network Care with a demonstration of an entrainment (Network Adjustment).

Please call the Practice to secure your spot!

Other Topics include:

The Basics (with demonstration) – How to get the most out of your NSA Network Spinal Analysis) care
Re-Organisation Healing
The Energetic Intelligences of your Body
Inhabiting your core- Masculine or Feminine
SRI Toolbox Workshop with Kathy McCann


Discover and learn SRI strategies to effectively utilise your body’s resources of breath, movement, touch and focussed attention.

2016 dates TBA

Next workshop: TBA

Cost $60


Women’s Circle

Held at NetworkLife fortnightly in 2015 days TBA, open to any woman, no charge.


Clear Days

Coming up in 2016
9.30am – 4.30pm
Here at 114 Park Street

Cost: $180

Goal: To accelerate your transition through network care.
Creating the space of one full day devoted to yourself and your growth/healing.

The program includes:

3 entrainments
SRI: group and one to one
Bring a Shared Lunch (Veg Aquarian)


Guest Workshops

Coming soon

Coming in 2016. Please call the office on 9645 7788 for enquiries

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